About Us

Norsoph, Alcalay & Orner LLP (NAO Law) is a full service law firm that provides title and closing services, in addition to legal representation. With over 20+ years of combined real estate experience and multiple locations in Florida, the staff at NAO Law are committed to providing the highest quality professional real estate, title and closing services available in Florida.

NAO Law handles both residential and commercial real estate transactions, including purchases and sales, refinances, short sales, and leases. The attorneys at NAO Law are available to draft and review applicable closing documents, perform title and lien searches and represent our clients throughout the closing of a transaction.

We work quickly, accurately and are diligently focused on Closing Your Transaction!

Why NAO Law?

We Value Our Clients…

Our valued clients are provided with a customer-focused real estate insurance escrow and closing “agent.” Our agents are dedicated attorneys who are regularly available and provide responsive support services at all times, including after normal business hours and on weekends to ensure a truly efficient and smooth real estate closing experience.

Close Relationship With Our Underwriter…

We are affiliated with Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, one of the top underwriters in the industry, and Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund. These relationships give us the support and flexibility to underwrite even the largest, most complex residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We Are Not Just Title Agents, We Are Attorneys…*

Since title insurance premiums are based on promulgated rates set by the state, and are essentially the same between title companies and law firms, why not have an experienced attorney reviewing your transaction documents who can identify red flags and other potential issues? Although a title company’s staff may be highly trained, they are not licensed attorneys and do not have the experience and legal education that a law firm brings to the table as your title and closing agent.

What Sets NAO Law Apart From the Rest:

  • Competitive pricing with no wire, courier, or other “junk” fees
  • Florida licensed attorneys working on your file
  • Quick turn-around for local title searches and commitments
  • No additional cost for mobile closings in the tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade), including “in-home” closings

*NOTE: NAO Law and its attorneys are not representing either party as legal counsel nor providing any legal advice unless and until separately retained in writing, and only to such extent and at such cost as mutually agreed by the firm and the client.